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Do women face more age discrimination on the job?

The majority of labor economists agree that workplace discrimination is limiting job opportunities for specific sets of the population. Field experiments using fake job seekers have proven that ethnicity, race, gender and age invariably affect an applicant's ability to secure a job. Age discrimination, in particular, is a very big problem, especially as the baby boomer generation grows older. Furthermore, it appears that women are getting the short end of the stick in this regard.

Many baby boomers in Los Angeles and the rest of the United States find they need to work longer to support their retirements, but the job market is replete with instances of age discrimination. Older individuals are having a harder time staying in the workforce.

Indeed, a study published in the Los Angeles Times found that 65-year-olds looking for administrative jobs received, on average, half the number of callbacks compared to younger applicants. Meanwhile, middle-aged applicants also received fewer callbacks than their younger counterparts.

Older women face more disadvantages than older men

It appears that women are experiencing worse levels of age discrimination compared to their male counterparts. Research reveals a sharp decline in callbacks for older women applying to retail sales jobs as compared to older men who applied to the same jobs. This certainly begs the question: Why are women more likely to be discriminated against on the basis of age?

Part of the problem relates to legal protections, which can be more challenging to apply in these circumstances. Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act is the law that protects women against gender discrimination, while the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act protects all individuals from age discrimination. The separation between these two laws can make it more challenging for women to make discrimination claims with allegations of age and gender discrimination at the same time.

Victims of age discrimination can still fight back

Make no mistake: age and gender discrimination are both against the law. Victims are entitled to fight back by asserting their legal rights in court. Although pursuing a discrimination employment lawsuit may seem daunting, the law is there to protect you.

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