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Are you being paid fairly?

Just in Los Angeles alone, workers lose 26.2 million dollars every week to wage theft.

California has strict laws about labor, but businesses have many ways they avoid paying employees fairly. It is important to know about wage theft, where it happens, and what you can do.

What is wage theft?

"Wage theft" means you are not paid the correct amount of money by your employer. There are many ways your employer can be guilty of wage theft. Some examples of wage are:

• You work many hours a day but your employer won't pay you overtime.

• You aren't paid for all the hours you worked.

• You are forced to work without meals.

• You are paid below minimum wage (less than $10.00 an hour)

If your employer does not pay you what you are supposed to be paid, in any circumstance, they are guilty of wage theft.

Who is in danger of wage theft?

Eight out of 10 workers in Los Angeles experience wage theft. Anyone could deal with unfair pay. But some groups are at more risk than others.

The type of place you work may affect your risk of wage theft. In California, the clothing and restaurant industries are often guilty of wage theft. Make sure you are paid fairly for all your hours if you work in a clothing factory or a restaurant.

Women and minority groups face wage theft more often than others. Women and minority groups often face discrimination in the workplace, and wage theft is one way employers discriminate against them. Be aware of your pay and how you are treated.

These groups are more at risk than others, but everyone needs to pay attention to their pay and working hours. Wage theft could happen to anyone.

What do I do if I'm paid unfairly?

You may have heard that wage claims are an option. A "wage claim" is a complaint against the company to repay wages they owe you. If you file a wage claim, you could receive backpay. Sometimes you can receive even more than they owe you, depending on the situation. Consult a lawyer about whether this is the best option for you.

Businesses may try to avoid giving you backpay by closing down or changing their name. It's important to call an attorney as soon as you can so that you can receive help and advice about what to do immediately.

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