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Were you fired or punished for reporting sexual harassment?

You've worked hard to get the education and experience you need to find a good job. You pride yourself on professionalism, and you expect nothing less from your employers and co-workers.

Unfortunately, your newest position didn't prove to be as stable or professional as you'd hoped. Instead of equal and professional treatment, you found yourself faced with sexual harassment. You followed company procedure and reported the incident(s), only to find that you, rather than those harassing you, are facing punishment. While the law prohibits this kind of behavior, it is all too common in many businesses.

After you reported your co-workers, manager or boss for sexual harassment, you noticed a shift in your treatment, possibly even with the company's analysis of your performance. You may have received write ups, demotions, denial of a promotion or raise, worse leads, shifts or clients and even been fired from your position.

If you believe you are being mistreated in retaliation for reporting sexual harassment, you need the help of an experienced California employment law attorney. An attorney who has an understanding of sexual harassment laws and case history can help you.

Federal law protects whistleblowers and those who report crimes

Sexual harassment is federally illegal. In a perfect world, employers would hold those who harass or abuse other liable for their actions. Unfortunately, our world is not perfect. Many businesses choose to punish those who report harassment instead of those perpetrating it. Those companies are breaking the law, and they should be held accountable for those decisions and discriminatory practices. An attorney can aid you in proving your case and even recovering lost wages and pain and suffering for your mistreatment.

Working with an attorney is one of the best ways to solidify your sexual harassment claim. Your attorney can guide you through the process of documenting your mistreatment and harassment if you are still employed. If you have been fired or forced to quit as a result of reporting your harassment, you will be helped to gather evidence about past mistreatment. If you need to file a civil lawsuit to hold your employer responsible, an attorney can help with that as well.

Sexual harassment cases need adequate legal help

Proving sexual harassment can be difficult. Doing it alone may prove problematic or even impossible. An attorney can make all the difference in the world. Instead of just giving up and moving on, you can choose to take a stand for yourself and others who will eventually work for the same company. Speak with an experienced California employment law attorney as soon as possible if you are experiencing sexual harassment at work!

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