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Thinking of reporting a violation? You're protected

Over the years, it has become not only more acceptable, but even applauded if someone blows the whistle on unethical workplace practices. If you are witnessing practices in the workplace that are illegal or even immoral, you have the right to stand up and speak up. There are laws in place at the state and federal levels to protect people that report incidents of wrongdoing committed by employers.

Breastfeeding or pumping moms often face workplace discrimination

Most women know that the Family Medical Leave Act protects them when they need time off of work during or after a pregnancy. Not as many women realize that both federal and California state law protects them when it comes to lactation as well. After the birth of a child, a mother has the legal and medical right to decide to nurse her child or pump her breast milk after returning to work in order to support her child's health and development. There are many medical benefits for both mother and child associated with breast milk, which is why there are legal protections in place.

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