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Thinking of reporting a violation? You're protected

Over the years, it has become not only more acceptable, but even applauded if someone blows the whistle on unethical workplace practices. If you are witnessing practices in the workplace that are illegal or even immoral, you have the right to stand up and speak up. There are laws in place at the state and federal levels to protect people that report incidents of wrongdoing committed by employers.

If your employer has retaliated against you for reporting a violation of the law, the court might charge him or her with a crime. In order to protect your rights, you might consider consulting an employment attorney in the Sherman Oaks area. Legal counsel can help you fight for your rights as an employee in the face of illegal retaliatory actions. Read further to learn more about California whistleblower laws.

Changes in the law

In 2014, California made three changes to its whistleblower protection laws. While there were already protections in place for individuals that reported illegal activities to government authorities, internal reporting also became a protected act. This means that if you report a violation to your superior, you should be free of any retaliatory repercussions. In addition, the changes in the law also include reporting illegal acts to "any public body" that is either on the verge of, or already conducting, an investigation into such practices.


Another change in the California Whistleblower Protection Act is a widening of liability. In other words, if you report a violation and a third party acting for your employer takes any kind of retaliatory measures, they can also be held criminally liable. Even if your job duties do not include disclosing information regarding violations, such as that of an auditor, the Act still protects you.

Filing a claim

If you are eligible for protection according to the whistleblower laws, you may be able to file a suit for damages against your employer. You might be able to recover lost wages if your employer discharged or demoted you. You may even be entitled to damages if your employer retaliated against you in a way that harmed your reputation.

You should not have to suffer retaliation from your employer for doing the right thing. That is why protections such as the California Whistleblower Protection Act are in place. If your employer has taken any form of revenge against you for reporting an illegal or unethical act, take the necessary action to protect your rights as soon as possible.

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