Business Litigation

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Reisner & King LLP represent businesses and entrepreneurs throughout Los Angeles and Southern California in litigation involving breaches of contract, business torts, and other commercial transactions and relationships.

Effectively Resolving Business Disputes

Even the most upstanding and honorable business person will face legal disputes. In some cases, after trying to resolve your issues through other methods, your final option is to resolve the issue through litigation. Understanding that disputes can negatively impact day-to-day operations, overall productivity and goodwill in the industry, our attorneys always work to resolve litigation as quickly and efficiently as possible while never losing sight of our clients’ rights, interests and best possible outcome.

Breach Of Contract

All businesses depend upon contracts to operate, both written or oral. As a business grows, contracts become increasingly complex. As a result, contract breaches can be both critical to long-term business success and resource-intensive.

During breach of contract disputes, there are very specific rules and evidence that can show the validity of a claim. If successful, the party not in breach of the contract may recover financially for the cost of the breach and any related expenses and business losses. Alternatively, some resolutions can compel the other party to fulfill their end of the contract. But, success depends upon clear communication, knowledge of the law and meticulous representation. At Law Offices of Reisner & King LLP, we bring strong legal cases and advocate for your rights.

Business Torts

Many business face significant losses because of fraud or misrepresentation. These cases are not as clear-cut as many other disputes, but are equally damaging. Civil wrongs such as these can result in liability extending beyond the compensatory measure of damages in a breach of contract dispute, including punitive damage awards in applicable situations. Examples of business torts include:

  • Fraud
  • Defamation
  • Negligent misrepresentation
  • Unfair business practices
  • Deceptive trade practices

Business tort litigation is dynamically affected by advancements in technology. Due to the accessibility and availability of information on the Internet, trade secrets and other intellectual property assets are increasingly vulnerable to unscrupulous businesspeople. Our firm works to stay abreast of technological developments, understanding that businesses suffer real harm when confidential, incorrect or damaging information is disseminated to competitors or other parties.

Seek Quality Legal Representation

Our lawyers bring experience and litigation skill to bear in every case. If your business is embroiled in a dispute or faces litigation, please contact the Law Offices of Reisner & King LLP to discuss your concern.