About Us

At the Law Offices of Reisner & King LLP, we are driven to succeed on behalf of our clients. We are hard-hitting litigators in cases involving employment-related abuses and serious personal injuries. Our firm represents clients in the Los Angeles area and throughout California.

Helping Employees Reclaim Their Dignity

It is the right of every employee to work in a discrimination-free work environment, to receive fair and equitable compensation, and to raise lawful concerns without fear of retaliation. We take those rights seriously.

As one of the more established plaintiff employment law firms in the Los Angeles area, we have the resources to handle virtually any case, no matter the size or complexity. We represent only employees and are committed to helping our clients obtain maximum compensation and justice in cases involving discrimination, whistleblower violations and other illegal employment practices.

Our law firm provides the highest level of care and consideration, always maintaining open lines of communication and accessibility for our clients.

A Team Of Experienced Advocates

Our seven experienced attorneys are supported by a team of excellent paralegals and other legal professionals.

Founded by Adam Reisner and Tessa King, we have represented clients in the Los Angeles area and the State of California since 1999. We are selective in the cases we handle, allowing us to focus our resources on obtaining the best results for our clients. The law firm of Reisner & King is committed to providing quality legal services and results-oriented representation in every case.

We Believe In Our Clients

Our firm represents clients on contingency in the vast majority of cases. This means that we have a major stake in our cases and that we are willing to devote the time, energy and resources needed for success. It also means that we believe in our clients and in the merits of their claims. You can depend on Reisner & King to do everything we can to win your case.

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