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Great Working With Them Adam, Tesa, Alisa, John were all Great Worked Hard and Got me a Settlement Im happy with the Way they Handled Business. Hope I dont Need them again But If I do I will Be Back to No One Else and Will Refer ANYONE to them they are Beyond Great!!

- Jason J.

Its been a lovely two years with r&k,if you’re looking for a team that puts in the work and really cares about their clients this is definitely the place to be.Im so happy I chose them as representation! 🙂

- Jessica T.

Reisner & King patiently listened to my problem of age an race discrimination and was so helpful. Although they did not end up representing me, they referred me to another great law firm Invictus Law, where I was very successful.

- Gloria C.

Once again Reisner and king are top notch when it comes to representation. When I had a claim they looked out for my best interest and were attentive to my concerns. I would highly recommend that you call Reisner and king before you hire any other attorney. Adam and Tessa are the best.

- Vicki K.

I went to them one year ago and told them my problem and he looked me in the eye and said ” On a scale of 1 to 10, I have a 6 and they will fight for me or pay him nothing ” !!!! OMG They did it!! I am very grateful to Reisner & King, LLP You are the best!!

- Gregory S.

Cutting right to the chase, Reisner & King WON my discrimination and harassment lawsuit against my former employer, a major
school district in Los Angeles County! Several lawyers didn’t think I had a case, or didn’t think my case was large enough for their efforts, or didn’t think they could win. (They would probably choke if they learned what Reisner & King’s did for me!)

Adam Reisner and Tessa King LISTENED to me, and had several strategies that they felt would punish the school system for their abuse of me.

They were a pleasure to work with, very professional, impressively knowledgeable, amazingly prepared, tireless in going after my
former employer, and something to behold in the depositions and especially at the trial!

They were kind and respectful of me, and very supportive throughout the entire process.

They offered me a free consultation, as well as a few follow-ups before even taking my case, and they took my case on CONTINGENCY! I didn’t have to lay out a penny!

If you are being abused by your employer, and do not contact Reisner & King for a consultation, you have only yourself to blame!

- Keith K.

There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude with this Firm. Although my case went long and for a few years even in the midst of a pandemic , they were all so professional. Tessa , Adam & Ian were superb attorneys in my employment case. They helped me every step of the way , other attorneys didn’t want to help but that’s okay I landed in great hands and alongside these professionals was able to complete my case. They fought for me , they cared they were kind and professional & so through. I have not one single complaint. Theyre all amazing attorneys and I’m so grateful. thank you to your firm you each as individuals . I would definitely recommend this amazing Law Firm for your employment cases.
Thank you again if you have a case or think you do definitely call these amazing attorneys and firm.

- Christina M.

Excellent attorney for employment discrimination and accident’s.

- Letitia M.

Took about four years but that was just court taking forever the staff here were always amazing and kind. They took my case right away. Fought every step of the way and got them to settle witch is what we all wanted. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

- Sammi P.

I loved them. They were great my case was done in less than a year. I was harassed by tyranny at work. I was not focused on the money just justice that they treated me wrong and emotionally hurt me. They answered all my calls all the time. Adam is a great attorney. Good attorneys cost more you get what you pay for.

- Rose G.

I had two cases, one being with another attorney that is still in the process of being settled and I’m not sure if it will ever settle because the law firm I chose makes you feel like a number and I haven’t been able to even talk to my attorney in two years only the case managers. The Attorney didn’t even call me to talk to me about settling my case to give me his advice. Adam and Troy help me settle my case and did a great job, anytime I had a question Adam was accessable and answered his cell phone and he was direct in his answers and two the point. Troy managed my case and was great to work with. I highly recommend this firm and for many more reasons

- Jay R.

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