Is age discrimination occuring at a workplace?

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Mar 05, 2021 |

Discrimination could take many forms in California workplaces, and age biases are among them. Older persons may find their employers or co-workers take actions that harm them in some way. Persons at or over the age of 40 need to know they have protections under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967. Exercising rights and protections might become necessary when a workplace turns hostile.

Dealing with age discrimination in the workplace

Although laws exist to protect workers from age discrimination, such incidents may happen. An employer might not even consider persons over a specific age for an open position, a blatantly illegal act. Sadly, many workers do not know discrimination factors into consideration for jobs. Current workers, however, might notice ominous signs that point suspiciously towards age discrimination.

Some may wonder why they continually receive denials for promotions, despite experience and qualifications. While reassignments may be routine, transfers to duties with diminished responsibilities and fewer overtime benefits may seem strange. Perhaps age discrimination factors into these behaviors, and the actions might be pervasive at a particular company.

Evidence and age discrimination

When an employer engages in age discrimination, the chances are the incidents occur time and time again. If one company repeatedly treats older workers with disdain, then the employer may build a case against itself.

Older workers who experience mistreatment might find it necessary to document the instances. Improper and ageist comments may reflect a corporate culture hostile to older employers. Workers might not want to overlook negative and discriminatory comments, as such commentary could indicate a hostile work environment.

Workers who feel they are experiencing discrimination could bring the issue up with supervisors and human resources. An inadequate response might further reflect the discriminatory practices at the company. At some point, the worker may need to discuss the situation with an attorney.

When meeting with an attorney, the worker could discuss the age discrimination he or she faces on the job. An attorney might talk about the evidence necessary to bring a suit and what damages the plaintiff may seek.

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