Pregnancy Protection Laws

As an expectant mother, have you suffered pregnancy discrimination at your job? If so, you have rights — and you may be able to obtain compensation.

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Your Rights Under Federal And California Law

Both the FMLA and CFRA require employers to provide parents with up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave following the birth or adoption of a child. These laws also prohibit employers from discriminating against employees who seek to take leave for the purpose of caring for or bonding with a child.

In addition, an employer must offer a “comparable position” to an employee returning from pregnancy leave. The employer is not obligated to reinstate the employee into the exact position the employee held before leave.

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Are you disabled as a result of your pregnancy? Have you been harassed or discriminated against by a supervisor or co-worker since becoming pregnant? Would you welcome the kind of outcome that pays money damages and transitions you to a more harmonious work environment once your maternity leave has ended?

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