Harassment of an employee on the basis of race, age, sex, gender, disability, religion or sexual persuasion is illegal. Despite laws prohibiting these types of harassment, it happens in many California workplaces.

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Have you been harassed on the job for one of these or other reasons in California? Has your work life become so miserable that you are seeking legal representation to protect your rights?

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Seeking Compensation And Justice For Wronged Employees

Attorneys Adam Reisner and Tessa King will partner with skilled associates to safeguard your interests in the workplace, send a strong message to your employer that harassment will not be tolerated and put this personal crisis behind you in ways that prepare you for a brighter future.

Our concerted efforts along the way will include investigation of your workplace harassment claims, negotiations to win the monetary damages you deserve and aggressive litigation in court on your behalf if necessary.

Did the harassment you were subjected to lead to wrongful termination or retaliation against you for reporting the harassment? Were you singled out for hands-on, visual or audible sexual harassment that diminished you as a human being and made you feel uncomfortable? Did your employer’s lack of action lead to a hostile work environment?

The people who harassed you should not have the last word. We urge you to stand up for yourself and your right to a harmonious work environment free of harassing gestures.

Harassed At Work? Our Attorneys Can Help.

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