Sexual Harassment FAQs

If you believe you have experienced sexual harassment at your job, you probably have many questions about California law and your rights. Here are a few answers to common questions our employment law attorneys at Reisner & King LLP in Sherman Oaks, California, receive from their clients.

  • What is sexual harassment? Legally, there are two forms of sexual harassment. In one form, a supervisor or other person in a position of power offers to trade job benefits, such as a raise or promotion, in exchange for sexual favors. In the other form, a supervisor or co-worker creates a toxic work environment by exposing the victim to unwanted and sexualized advances, jokes, comments, pictures, emails or videos.
  • What if the person who harassed me was not my direct supervisor? The harasser can be your manager, but also can be a co-worker, someone who supervises a different department than yours or an agent of your employer.
  • What should I do first after being harassed? Most companies have an anti-sexual harassment policy that requires you to report what happened to a supervisor or human resources representative. You should keep copies of all correspondence you have regarding the harassment, including emails and notes documenting face-to-face meetings.

If your company fails to properly handle the matter, your next step could be to examine your legal options. Our firm successfully resolves sexual harassment claims thanks to our aggressive litigation skills. You could be entitled to substantial financial compensation.

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