Reimbursement Of Employee Expenses

California Labor Code Section 2802 clearly states that employees are entitled to reimbursement for expenses they incur while fulfilling their job duties. Despite this law, many employers in California attempt to evade this responsibility.

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Have You Incurred Expenses And Not Been Reimbursed?

Some types of employee expenses that can be reimbursable include:

  • Mileage in your personal vehicle
  • Purchase of supplies and consumables
  • Purchase of equipment and software
  • Training courses approved by your employer or that are necessary for the performance of your job duties
  • Necessary expenses made on business trips and at trade shows
  • Reasonable food and entertainment expenses for customers and prospective customers

Some employers intentionally decline to reimburse employees for these and other expenses. Others are simply ignorant of their duty in this regard. In either case, you have the right to obtain reimbursement of expenses you have incurred as part of your job duties.

Reisner & King can represent you, seeking full compensation for all reimbursable expenses, interest, court fees and attorney fees.

Waivers Of Reimbursement Rights Are Not Valid

Furthermore, Labor Code Section 2802 voids waivers and agreements designed to enable employers to avoid reimbursing employees for expenses. There is considerable case law concerning this issue, most of which comes down on the side of employees.

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