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Have you suffered an adverse employment action such as termination or demotion for reporting wrongdoing by your company? Is your employer or supervisor retaliating against you because you attempted to follow the law when performing your job duties?

If so, you may be entitled to compensation for your financial losses, emotional suffering and other losses. A Los Angeles whistleblower lawyer can help you seek compensation.

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Whistleblowers Can Face Retaliation In The Workplace

We are trained to be good citizens from an early age, but if you try to do your duty as a citizen, it can result in retaliation in your workplace. Actions that can result in retaliation such as an adverse employment action include:

  • Protesting unsafe working conditions
  • Protesting violence, assault, or battery at work
  • Protest health and safety condition at work
  • Reporting the dumping of hazardous waste to authorities
  • Reporting OSHA or Cal/OSHA safety violations
  • Asking for overtime pay you are entitled to
  • Reporting fraud in the provision of goods or services by your employer

At Reisner & King, we vigorously represent employees who blow the whistle on wrongdoing by their employers or fellow employees. We seek maximum compensation and work hard to protect our clients’ rights.

Are you thinking about reporting corporate wrongdoing, but have questions or concerns? A lawyer at our firm can advise you.

What Is Whistleblowing?

A whistleblower in employment is when an employee is punished for protesting or making a complaint of unlawful actions or activities at work. These unlawful actions can include complaints of fraud, failure to pay wages or afford breaks, violence in the workplace, and health and safety issues or other violations of the law. Employers are prohibited from punishing an employee for refusing to violate the law, or for raising the issue of unlawful or unsafe conduct.

Whistleblowers are protected in a number of ways, including:

  • Individuals can work with the federal government to file a claim if the government is being defrauded. A certain percentage of the rewards recovered will be provided to the individual who reported the fraud.
  • Federal employees are protected from retaliation when they reveal information that they have reasonable cause to believe is evidence of:
    • Violations of regulations, rules, or laws
    • The excessive waste of funding
    • Extreme mismanagement
    • Actions that endanger public safety or health
    • Entities or individuals abusing their authority
  • In California, employer retaliation against employees who engage in whistleblowing is illegal. The state protects employees who have reasonable cause to believe they have evidence of any violations of statutes, rules, or regulations, even if their claim turns out to be incorrect.

What Is Retaliation?

Retaliation is any action done by an employer to discourage their employees from engaging in whistleblowing activity. Even if an employee is not fired, there are still adverse acts that can negatively impact them if they decide to become a whistleblower.

The most obvious form of retaliation is being fired, but there are other types of retaliation that are more subtle, like demotions, denying someone a promotion or a raise, or giving someone a new position that is less desirable than their former role. Even if an individual is fired due to negative performance, it is still possible that performance reviews were biased due to the employee becoming a whistleblower.

There are also other forms of retaliation that are more dangerous, including harassment and threats. Therefore, if you’re questioning whether or not to become a whistleblower, it’s vital to seek legal counsel to understand what your rights are and to prevent retaliation from your employer.

No Compensation, No Attorney Fee

Our firm accepts whistleblower cases on contingency. Our clients do not pay any attorney fees upfront. Instead, our fees will come from the settlement or award we obtain for you.

Why Do I Need a Whistleblower Attorney?

Even though the federal government typically files a claim on behalf of the whistleblower, if you file under the False Claims Act, you can benefit from an attorney. This is because whistleblower law is incredibly complicated. An attorney who is well-versed in employment and whistleblower law can be a great asset if you are considering becoming a whistleblower.

An attorney can also determine the legal merit of your whistleblower case. As an individual without much legal experience, it can be difficult to determine whether something you saw or experienced is explicitly against the law. Legal counsel can determine whether you have a case, how long it might take, how much it might be worth, and outline more specific details of your claim.

Why Should I File a Claim?

With all the potential negative consequences surrounding being a whistleblower, some might ask why one should file a claim in the first place. There are financial benefits associated with being a whistleblower. Many receive a portion of the money the government recovers from the employer. The exact percentage of the funds depends on the case.

If you were a victim of retaliation as a result of your actions, you might also be able to recover things like your job or lost wages as a result of unfair termination. Your employer could also be ordered to cover your legal expenses. Whistleblower protection laws are meant to encourage individuals to come forward without their lives being adversely affected as a result. To review your case and go over any concerns, contact a Los Angeles whistleblower lawyer.

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Q: What Is a Whistleblower in CA?

A: In California, a whistleblower is an employee who reveals violations or noncompliance with the law. This person has protections under both federal and California state law. They cannot have adverse actions taken against them by their employer to prevent them from revealing information. Recent California Supreme Court opinions have slightly expanded whistleblower protections.

Q: Do I Have to Pay for a Whistleblower Case?

A: Most individuals do not have to pay to file a whistleblower case aside from potential initial filing fees. Most attorneys who represent whistleblowers operate on a contingency fee structure. This means that the attorney does not receive compensation until the case is settled and takes their portion out of the winnings from the case. This is incentivized to encourage people to report fraudulent, non-compliant, or illegal activity committed by their employers.

Q: Can a Whistleblower Remain Anonymous in California?

A: A whistleblower might be able to remain anonymous in California, depending on the claim they are filing and with what entity. If you are concerned about anonymity when evaluating whether or not to become a whistleblower, contact an employment attorney to see what you might be entitled to.

Q: How Long Do Whistleblower Claims Take?

A: A whistleblower claim can take up to several years to finalize due to the fact that it must be reviewed by a federal agency. The exact amount of time a case can take is highly variable and depends on the companies involved, what is being alleged, and what the claim is being filed under. For more information on how long your whistleblower case might take, contact an employment law attorney.

Don’t Make Your Decision to Become a Whistleblower Alone

The decision to become a whistleblower can be frightening, especially if you are exposing a large company. An attorney can work to protect you from illegal retaliation and can help you file a claim if your employer retaliates against you.

For a claim, an attorney can act as a partner to represent your side of the story so that the federal government is able to recoup losses from fraud and noncompliance. The financial benefits of being a whistleblower can also be helpful. For more information on whether you have a legally valid whistleblower claim, schedule a consultation with the Law Offices of Reisner & King LLP.

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