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While every motor vehicle accident has the potential for serious harm, crashes involving huge commercial trucks naturally is a much higher risk. Tractor-trailers are huge, powerful vehicles that can weigh up to 40 tons. You and your loved ones are in danger of serious injury whenever a truck driver disregards public safety in some way.

California Truck Wreck Lawyers

The Law Offices of Reisner & King LLP‘s personal injury attorneys assist victims of truck accidents with restoring financial stability as they recover from their injuries. We represent clients in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. Call 818-981-0901 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our attorneys.

What Causes Truck Accidents?

Most truck drivers are responsible on the road. Unfortunately, some truckers are not. They drive without getting enough sleep, while impaired by drugs or alcohol or ignore traffic laws. As a result, every year thousands of Americans are severely injured or killed in trucking collisions.

If you have been hurt in a truck crash, you could be permanently or temporarily disabled — unable to work just when you need money for medical treatment, rehabilitation and household expenses. One of our lawyers will work to ensure that the parties that caused your accident will compensate you. This could include the trucking company if its negligence contributed to the wreck.

Get The Compensation You Deserve

You and your family should not have to pay for a truck driver’s mistakes. Contact our Sherman Oaks office at 818-981-0901 to make an appointment for a free initial consultation. We provide Spanish and Armenian translation services on request.

We Provide The Help Employees Need When They Need It.

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